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"In my experience, I have never walked into a pre-construction meeting with a City planning team and had such a pleasurable experience. David and the DLC team were so thorough and organized that by the end of the meeting we were receiving compliments from the City. They made several comments about using DLC as THE example….surreal and incredible. I would most assuredly use DLC architecture again." Roger Bairstow Broetje Orchards

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Clients appreciate the transparency in design, construction and budgeting that David and his consultants bring to projects, regardless of size or type. Click here for detailed information on select projects.

The DLC Team Advantage

  • Depth and variety of experience
  • Responsiveness to client needs
  • Recognizes that achieving budgets is critical
  • Navigating through complex permitting processes
  • Understanding of how to successfully achieve schedules
  • Practical knowledge of sustainable products & techniques

DLC Architecture's familiarity with many building types enables him to provide clients with the kind of first-hand knowledge they need to select the correct building materials for their projects. David is especially committed to creating buildings that are respectful of the environment. His knowledge of sustainable building products and practices is incorporated into every project.

David and his team listen carefully to understand the goal of each project and then tailors his approach accordingly. It's a winning combination, and a blueprint for success.

The variety of project types DLC Architecture is qualified to undertake is broad. Many of these project types, such as military and clinical, are highly technical in nature and have specific and demanding standards and requirements.

  • Municipal
  • Education
  • Courts
  • Office
  • Financial
  • Clinical
  • Residential
  • Multi-Family
  • Industrial
  • Police/Justice
  • Historical
  • Military
  • Public Works
  • Library
  • Fire/OMS
  • Retail